Monday, January 17, 2011

There's a real world too..

I think somewhere in the past I lost track of the world. Let me be precise “The real world...”…

Hmmm... Where or When did this happen? Somewhere between getting an engineering degree, an IIMB degree and a career in the IT world.

Sitting in air conditioned cabins, sipping teas / coffees from vending machines, speaking to faceless people (through phone, mail, chat, etc. etc. etc.), I become a part of the virtual world.

Till a couple of personal life events brought me back to reality.

And yes, there is a real world – with real people, real emotions, real pleasures, real flowers, real experiences, real weather, real sorrow…….

It is OK to live and be part of the virtual world. After all, that’s where we are all headed. And if you stay behind, you lose the race.
But I think what is also important is to be cognizant that there is a real world. And to possibly take some time to consciously experience the real world…

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