Monday, January 17, 2011


Did you know that on an average the human mind have about 25 – 30 thoughts / minute?
Approximately there are 40000 thoughts which cross our mind every day

All these thoughts can be categorized briefly into:
1)New thoughts
2)Recurring thoughts – The same thought which keeps repeating itself in our minds. And more than 80% of our thoughts are recurring

Among each of these categories, we have the following types
1) Powerful thoughts
2) Necessary thoughts as they enable us to go about our daily life functions
3) Waste thoughts as they are redundant / negative

Out of the above, we all have very few powerful thoughts and these are usually the most significant ones in our lives. Ones which we should be “consciously aware of” and ones which should “learn to harness

One of the key benefits of meditation is that it helps you “still your mind” – It takes you to a state where you are “really aware” of your thoughts.

Take a moment to meditate – To still the mind, & recognize its power. There is unimaginable power waiting to be unleashed.

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