Monday, January 17, 2011


It’s been a time of transformations. A time when I have heard, read or seen some amazing transformations… And they never cease to please me…

I wonder why I get so excited when I see any transformations… Was mulling over this and went down memory lane… I think the first transformation which I ever heard / read about was in middle school Science. The life cycle of a butterfly – Stage 1: The egg, Stage 2: Larva / Caterpillar, Stage 3: Pupa / Cocoon and then Stage 4: Emerges the beautiful butterfly. And if you have just read or mugged or drawn it, then I guess you may not appreciate it. But if you have seen it live, then it’s an amazing experience… To view the transformation and emergence of the butterfly… I remember every time I read this Science lesson, I would be thrilled… And so began my love for transformations…

Over the past several years I have witnessed several transformations and they continue to amaze me –
Physical transformations. For e.g: Weight loss through natural ways
Emotional transformations. For e.g.: Letting go of past baggage
Transformations of the mind. For e.g.: Conquering a fear, controlling your thoughts
Spiritual transformations
Transformation within a house. For e.g.: Design changes, changes in lighting / colour / window dressings
Technology transformations
Banking transformations
Process transformations

And the many transformations continue to fascinate me…

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