Sunday, January 30, 2011

True Friends...

There is nothing more gratifying than spending time with “true friends”…

Who is willing to lend a ear
Who is willing to offer a hand
Who will not really judge you
Who will forgive and forget
Who will respect your privacy and personal space
Who will understand - what you say and what you don’t say

With whom you can be yourself
With whom you can shed all masks
With whom you can express yourself freely
With whom you are willing to share your life
With whom you can enjoy moments of silence
With whom you need not be guarded in your words
With whom an everyday activity turns into a pleasurable one

For whom you are willing to go that extra mile
For whom you are willing to do anything to bring a smile
For whom you always wish good in life
For whom you always hope the very best

True friends are hard to find
And are mighty precious for life

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