Monday, January 17, 2011

What elicits our reactions and responses???

Why is it that we react and respond in different ways to different people in our life?

Two people who are our friends, but we treat them both differently
Two people who achieve the same success, but we see them both in different light
Two people who say the same thing, but we actually listen and take-away different things
Two people we know go through the same life experience, but we feel sympathy for one and nothing really for the other

Hmmm… Why such a drastic discrimination???

Is it our current state of mind?
Is it our current emotional state?
Is it our past with the individual?
Is it our perceptions of the individual?
Is it our experiences with the individual?
Or a combination of all of the above???


  1. Interesting observation. I face discrimination almost everyday:-d However I really think it is because we are clouded by our own perceptions of the individuals and the moment.I am sure you would react differently to the same comment by the same me at different times in the day!

  2. Bah..What discrimination? In fact everyone around u must be feeling "disriminated against". n u always elicict / evoke the best / most positive reactions / responses..

    and no, i would always react in the same way to any comment u make - anytime of the day / night :)