Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Which industries are dying due to the nuclear family set-up???

One of the essay type questions in the recently conducted CA (2010) exams was “Which industries are dying due to the nuclear family set-up?”

 I ran through a whole range of industries – Agriculture, Education (both formal and supporting like tuitions), Travel & Tourism, Banking & Financial Services, Technology, Food & Beverages, Restaurant / Hotel, Telecom, Healthcare & Medicine, Services (from domestic help to drivers to financial advisory), Real Estate, Baby Care, Apparels, Insurance, Alternate Medicine, Airline, Health and Wellness Centers, Recreation facilities (from movies, to amusement parks, etc. etc), Retail, Transportation, Arts & Crafts, Automobiles, Music, Gas & Fuel, Home products (from mixies to lights to home decor)……. The list seems to continue…

And looks like they are all only flourishing by the nuclear family set-up.

Yet to zero-in on a satisfying answer……

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