Thursday, January 13, 2011

Why babies cry???

The one sound that has constantly been a part of my life for the past several weeks is the bitter sweet sound of a baby cry.
Anyways, I was mulling over why babies cry? I guess it’s simply their way of expressing themselves and communicating what they need. What I have observed is that within a few interactions with the world around them, they quickly realize that crying is the most effective communication tool. Not only does it get the attention of those around, it almost always guarantees a rapid response – which is probably why babies continue crying!
Now as the babies grow, I have observed that most girls / woman seem to remember this lesson (Now that’s a brownie point to the gals on retention of lessons learnt J) & resort to generously using it.  After all it is still the most effective J - Desired rapid guaranteed results in most cases!!! And for the boys / men – If you have seen the girls / woman in your life using this communication tool, you know where they learnt it from!!!
I can’t speak for other babies, but I definitely know the top reasons of why my baby cries:
She’s hungryAnd needs to be fed. This is probably the top reason why most babies cry
She’s sleepy – And does not know how to put herself to sleep. So she needs someone to rock her to sleep
She’s not comfortable physically – Either she’s feeling too hot, or too cold. Or she’s wet and needs a change. You make her comfortable and she’s just fine
She wants attention – It could be simply because she has been ignored for a while, and needs to make her presence felt. You simply look at her, or speak to her, or let her know your around and aware of her presence and she’s just fine
She needs to be loved - A cuddle or a hug or a kiss or a smile to make her feel loved does the trick
She’s in pain – And it’s her way of indicating the same. The fact that she can’t say what is paining always adds to any parents woes of figuring out the problem. But nonetheless, I have seen my baby does give some indication (in her own way) of what’s bothering her. And once that’s taken care of, she’s just fine

She’s intimidated – Either it’s something new (could be a sound, a person, an object, etc.), something / someone that she does not like
And then of course, there are sometimes when I simply don’t understand why she cries? My hypothesis is possibly a bad dream, or most likely just like that!!!

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  1. I will be a father soon but I am really scared of the same.I dont know how will I manage but your comments/tips will help us for sure.I m helpless alone. I know "P" will take care.