Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Why not to read?

Off late I have been a mute witness as many people were ranting about why they do not read. The most interesting, creative and innovative list of reasons (& excuses)…

Read on..
1) I don’t have time
2) I don’t have interest
3) I don’t have money (?????!!!!)
4) I don’t know what to read
5) It puts me to sleep
6) It’s so boring
7) I feel secluded / isolated (????!!!!)
8) I don’t know English
9) I have to sit in one place
10) Its such a monotonous activity
11) X told me not to read
12) I don’t like the fonts of most books (????!!!!)
13) I have a poor vocabulary & poor grammar; & can’t understand
14) My mother did not tell me to read (Ah! Mama’s boy ????!!!!!)
15) I don’t like black and white (& most books / reading material / print is in these colors)
16) It strains my eyes (like TV & movies does not)
17) I get stressed (What stress? Guess I should coin a new word called “reading stress”)
18) I don’t want to infect and inject myself with global garbage (Ah? By some weird proprietary logic, this individual felt that only frustrated souls write; and did not want to be victim of their frustrations – loosely called garbage)

If you’re reading this, I’m hoping you don’t really need the above…
But if ever you do, feel free to pick one of your choice…

And if you have heard / read something worth mentioning and want to add to this list, leave a comment…


  1. This reminds me 20,000 reasons people give not to exercise :)

  2. One more : The book is too heavy. My hands hurt ;)