Friday, January 7, 2011

You look beautiful….

Off late, I have been a more active user of Facebook – Observer would probably be a better word. I do log in frequently to find so many people uploading their photos (mostly girls / woman) and so many people (boys / men and girls / woman) commenting on these.

For most of the photos, I see comments like “You look beautiful..”, “You look so pretty..”, “You look so nice…”, “Wow.. Gorgeous…”…..

I re-look at the photos and wonder …
Where / Who is the beauty? I fail to see. Hmmm..Am I blind to beauty?
What / Who is so pretty? I fail to comprehend. Hmmm…What does pretty mean?
Nice…/ Gorgeous. ???  I fail to appreciate. Hmmm… What is so nice in the picture?

Hmmm… And then I wonder…
Am I missing something?
Do others see something that I don’t…??

Well whatever... Anyways, I conclude with
*  Whoever said “Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder” was 100% right
There is no absolute beauty; It is all relative
*  Beauty is a perception ; It is not a reality

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  1. I tried to be a regular on FB but I failed. I do have an active account and have a long list of personal and professional friends but still FB does not appeal to me.I do not know why?