Saturday, February 26, 2011

Clap your Hands... Sing a Song

Ever closely observed typical adult behavior in a kiddie’s party – Birthday or any other celebration. It’s amusing, interesting and is an indicator of how we grow and evolve.. After all, we were not born adults; & were also kids sometime in our life.. And a party is a happy celebration with happy memories and typically loads of fun, activities and goodies…

And then of course, if you closely observe kiddie behavior at a kiddie party. That’s another amazing world all-together!!!

Some Observations & Realizations
• Typical reservation among most adults to even clap hands or sing the birthday song “Happy Birthday to You… Happy Birthday to You…….”– Something so basic, Something which we all enjoyed as kids, Something so fun…
• Reluctance to join the birthday festivities, let your guard down and have pure kiddie fun ; Somewhere adults are conscious of appropriate social conduct (& many times they believe it should be in line with their status and standing in life)
• Kids are the birthday planners - They know what they want, Whom they should invite and Also make meaningful contributions in how to plan and execute the birthday party – Right from the birthday menu, selection of cake, choice of clothes, etc. etc. etc.
• In a kiddie party, no one really notices or judges adults for how well they sing, how loudly you clap your hands or how well behaved you are – You can be a kid among and along with kiddies; And it’s a great chance to have some innocent laughs, silly jokes and unadulterated fun!!!
• Kids are aware – Thanks to technology and access to loads of information via multiple channels
• Kids have great life skills – Something which they are formally learning and are trained on. On the flipside, many of them seem to lose their “real nature & self”. How they will eventually turn out is something which only time can tell
• Kids are clear on priorities – In terms of everything in life. Specially in terms of whom and what they want to be associated with
• A party is a great opportunity to interact with a bunch of kids of the next generation ; You get to see and observe their natural behaviors, their thoughts, their social skills, their opinions, their general knowledge, ………………….

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