Thursday, February 17, 2011

Create… Consume... Critique

Creation takes time, dedicated efforts, creative energy, focused attention and the right catalysts…

And as we sail through life
We are all creators…
We create many different things
For different reasons
In tune with many seasons

* Children create moments of joy
* Parents create the future through their children
* Teachers create literate minds
* Magicians create moments of wonder, awe and amazement
* Moviemakers create cinema - sometimes they take you to the fantasy land & sometimes they show you the reality
* Researchers create hypothesis, theories and tons of articles, papers and research material
* Poets create poetry
* Lyricists create libretto – to make you laugh, to make you cry, to make you ponder…
* Home makers create a daily experience – to live, to relax, to be…
* Celebrities create news
* Politicians create policy (& sometimes misery, poverty and divide also)
* Media creates thrills, anxieties, views, opinions..
* Artists create art
* Chefs create a repast
* Jewellery designers create ornaments
* Interior decorators create beauty at home– through lights, window dressings, home décor, colors…
* Bosses / managers create work, stress…
* Customers / Clients create requirements, deadlines…

And collectively we create the present
Which will tomorrow become the past
And a part of our life history

And just like we are all creators…
We are all also consumers
We are all also critiques
Of what we create
Of what others create..

Creation is always the most difficult – takes the most time, effort and energy
Consumption is of medium difficulty
Criticism is always the easiest – takes the least effort, time and energy

It’s a chain 
It’s a cycle
It’s a part of the cosmos

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