Thursday, February 24, 2011

Kiddie Banter..

Conversation One
Me: Where are you going?
Kiddo: To a party
Me: What party?
Kiddo: Doll party
Me: ???? What’s a doll party?
Kiddo: One of my friends bought a new doll. So we are all going to her house to see her doll & we can take our dolls also so that all the dolls can play together!!!

Conversation Two
Kiddo: I want to sing my school prayer
Me: OK. Go ahead
Kiddo: …La La La…. All Indians are my brothers and sisters… La La La
Me: Are you an Indian?
Kiddo: Yes
Me: Thinking aloud… Then whom will you marry?
Kiddo’s Mom: Americans, Europeans, Chinese.. So many options. That’s why we send them to International schools!!!

Conversation Three
Kiddo: What’s your baby’s name?
Me: N
Kiddo (whispers to her mother): Mummy, That’s such a nice name. Why did you not keep my name as N? I don’t like my name. It’s so boring!!!

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