Monday, February 21, 2011

The Kiterunner

* Will pick the book any day than watch the movie
* Movie is very well crafted and does good justice to the author’s vision. One of the books where I felt that literature was tastefully converted to cinema
* Key Messages
       1)  “Law of Karma” in action – You are accountable for your actions and deeds – both good and bad… If not today, then definitely tomorrow
       2) There are very few people for whom we can do anything anytime anywhere – No preconditions, No questions, No thoughts – Just pure action. The underlying emotions are usually love, fear or respect
       3) Some bonds can never be defined – They just exist. And there is uniqueness in the beginnings, in the evolution and in the conclusion…. Or there is never really an end
      4) Division and Discrimination are all in the mind
      5) Honesty is a great virtue. You need courage and strength of character to be honest & stand up for honesty

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