Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Looking Outside? Why not Inside?

I am sometimes surprised by the irony of our lives.

Why do we look for help outside our house, when we have expert help inside?

Why do we value external advice if it comes at a high price point more than internal opinions which we can get for free?

Why do we treasure words if they are written by a globally reputed philosopher, when the same string of words your mother probably whispered to you during your childhood?

Let me explain my point with a few examples:

Example 1 - A medical doctor of very high repute told me that every time his wife suffers from a minor ailment like cough, cold or fever, she goes running to a nearby clinic for consultation. And even though she had expert medical advice right next to her, she preferred the external opinion. And not to mention that this doctor has such a phenomenal reputation that patients come from all parts of the globe just to seek his opinion. What a paradox?

Example 2 – Many large organizations are willing to pay significant amount of dollars for advisory services provided by leading consulting companies of the world. And even though the same recommendation was probably given by a well meaning veteran within the organization, the senior leaders and management team values the expert opinion of the global consultants better. What a paradox?

Example 3 – One of my good friends is a wealth manager with a splendid track record. And unfortunately, his family has hired another professional to manage their wealth and are also willing to pay a hefty sum to manage the same. What a paradox?

Example 4 – Another of my friend is an architect by profession – With living testimonials of several completed residential and commercial projects. And when her family wanted to construct their house, they looked for professional services outside. What a paradox?

Need more examples? Guess not.. I’ve managed to make my point..

And I still say out loud “Why these paradoxes?”

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