Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Memoirs of a Geisha

Again a movie which I watched recently; & really enjoyed…
Random ruminations on movie-watch:

• There is something so intriguing and mystical about Japanese – culture, people, arts, lifestyle, business, innovations, lifestyle, growth, advancement,…which will always fascinate me. The first brush I had with Japanese was when I saw the TV serial Oshin (1984 – 85 if I recall right!). The story moved me, intrigued me and fascinated me… And I will always remember Oshin for her sheer perseverance and the spirit with which she endured the struggles of life. I really loved the innocence and purity of her smile… And the way the serial was directed..
• One moment, One touch, One smile, One tear, One victory, One hope, One dream, One thought, One disagreement, One event, One word, One silence, One advice, One experience – Is sometimes all that is required to change your life forever!!!
• Most life skills can be learnt if you really want to. And one needs to constantly upgrade and update and constantly evolve and improvise on several life skills to grow and progress in life
• You usually get back what you give – If not from whom you gave to, from someone else. The law of averages works itself in the “give” and “take” bank
• It takes countless hours to create things of beauty, and only a second to consume and destroy them. The math somehow does not seem to work!!!

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