Saturday, February 12, 2011

Motherhood Responses...

Most of the guys I know tell me that I am lucky to be on maternity leave. Some of them say it in good spirit and with the right intent. But many say it almost as if motherhood is only a time of merriment and relaxation. And most of them always tell me how the corporate world and professional commitments are supremely more complex and difficult than the motherhood world (Like I don’t know both worlds!!!). I’ve heard most of them tell me that motherhood (especially the initial few months) is no tensions, no stress, no pressures, no constraints, no worries, no one to answer to, no accountability, no targets / numbers and financial responsibility – I really don’t know what the future will bring to me as a mother, but I finally think I have found the right answer.

Enumerating one such conversation…during which I found the befitting response

He: …… it is so difficult… handling people is not easy… project delivery commitments have to be honored… such a difficult boss….. so many problems in the team….promotions are round the corner…. clients are so demanding… program management is complex…it’s so tiring.. you will never be able to understand….blah blah blah….. And lastly, it is an X million $ project. Whenever there is a financial accountability, my neck is on the line…..
Me: “Let’s pause for a moment….What is the price of life?”…
He: “As always, you are changing the topic. How does it matter?”
Me: “It’s completely relevant and I will explain in a bit, but first give me the number”
He: “I can’t put a number. It’s infinite. It’s priceless”
Me: Yes. That’s the number I am accountable for.
He: Silence. End of conversation….

Well, being a mother (especially the initial few months) has its share of highs and lows. And …
  • Motherhood has its share of tensions
  • Motherhood has its share of stress
  • Motherhood comes with its baggage of pressures
  • Motherhood imposes constraints (sometimes beyond imagination)
  • Motherhood comes with a baggage of worries
  • Motherhood means answering to a zillion people – And most importantly, to answer to yourself. Especially, if you did the right thing for your baby
  • Motherhood means accountability for a complete human life
  • Motherhood is difficult too sometimes
  • Motherhood is about commitments – Lifelong commitments
  • Motherhood is about having a baby boss at you, with you and around you
  • Motherhood is about problems sometimes
  • Motherhood means promotion to shoulder a new role with additional responsibilities @ home;, And many times having to forego promotions @ work
  • Motherhood means continuous demands – all through day night, summer spring autumn and winter
  • Motherhood does involve program management – Your baby, your spouse, your house, your family, your job are all mini-projects which need to be handled
And if you don’t believe me, ask your mother!!!

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