Monday, February 7, 2011

Oral Communication

The ultimate test of oral communication is

If you can get a diverse audience (in age, ethnicity, phase of life, gender, financial status, profession, social stature,….)
Who is clueless about your identity (Where you come from? What’s your stature? What’s your past? What are your achievements? …..)
And speak about any topic of your choice
And get majority of the audience attention for at least 30 minutes….

Just try it sometime…
If you are successful – You are great at oral communication
If not – You will at least see the real picture

Here’s what I realized:
• Many times we listen to others simply
o Because of who they are
o Because we respect them
o Because of what they achieved
o Because of where they come from
o Because we have to – They exercise some form of power and authority

• Many times, we are barely able to relate with the content, simply because
o It’s so boring
o It’s so baseless
o It’s so repetitive
o It’s so irrelevant
o It’s so convoluted
o It’s so meaningless

• And there are some people who are just-so-perfect in oral communication, and what stands out is that you listen to them because of
o The words used
o The purity of language
o The honesty in the voice
o The message they convey
o The pauses and silences they take
o The beauty with which they articulate
o The uniqueness of language, tone, pitch and style
o The power in the voice (& this is usually not loud)
o The originality in creative expression – They give an age old message a new spirit

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  1. any thoughts on how one can improve their oral communication?