Sunday, February 20, 2011

Movie Musings | Sex and the City

I accidentally happened to watch the movie "Sex and the City" recently. Guess one of those times when I was randomly channel surfing and happened to stop at this channel.

To be honest, I did enjoy the movie... And was left with the following musings...
* There is a definite impact a place has on individuals - in terms of our day-to-day routine, to our thoughts, to our feelings, to our opinions, to our view of life, to our outlook, to our expressions, to our tastes, to our preferences, to our lifestyle...
* Friends play such an important role life - especially in certain stages and phases of life - It really does not matter whether you are single or with a family. For some things, friends come top on the list. And there are some tears and laughs which you will always reserve for that special friend - Simply because he / she will understand the emotion the best!!!
* There are some people in life with whom we always have undefined associations - We cannot put a finger or name to these relationships, but they exist. Very alive and as an integral part of our lives

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