Friday, February 18, 2011

Silence, Lies..... Secrets...

Adult life can be complicated. Somewhere between childhood and adulthood, we all have the following realizations

Realization 1: “Sometimes - It’s better to be silent, than to speak”
Whether it’s our viewpoints, opinions, judgments, dreams, theories, questions, answers….

I wonder why?
May be because others don’t care
May be because others don’t listen
May be because we lack confidence
May be because it’s not worth sharing
May be because others don’t understand
May be because we are unsure of ourselves
May be because we are unsure of what others will think / say
May be because we fear how it will influence our relationships
May be because we have not found someone worthy enough to share it with
May be because we are unable to assess the total impact it will have our lives

Realization 2: “Sometimes - It’s better to lie, than to be honest”
Whether its black lies, white lies or all shades of gray in between and sometimes the lies we tell to ourselves

I wonder why?
May be because it is easier
May be because that’s what others want to hear
May be because it’s the most practical means to survival
May be because we are human and hence do make mistakes – which others are not willing to accept

We all have different motives for the silences and lies…
And for every silence,
For every lie ….
We create a secret..

One which then becomes our very own
Buried deep down in the profundity of our mind, heart and soul
One which we must safeguard and protect
For our very own existence

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