Friday, February 18, 2011

Starting is always the HARDEST...

Starting anything is usually always the hardest – Whether it is an exercise plan, a new diet, a daily routine, studying for exams, reading, writing, giving up a bad habit, trying out something new, cultivating a good practice, experimentation, pursuing your childhood dreams & desires, higher studies, looking for a new job, finding your soul-mate, working on your life passion, working on improving relationships, saving money, financial planning and investments, learning…

Most of us always have the "Starting Trouble"….

I wonder why….

Is it because we may fail?
Is it because we fear the outcome?
Is it because we are not ready to change?
Is it because we are unsure of where it will take us?
Is it because we may realize that it was never meant to be?
Is it because we may recognize that it’s not what we are meant to do?
Is it because we are just too comfortable in our lives, and just not willing to break the inertia?

And invariably once we start, most of us tend to somehow complete [if not the real completion, at least a pseudo-completion and logical conclusion] what we began doing…

So it’s probably time to START...

Start doing that small thing which you always wanted to do
Start making that positive change you always wanted to make
Start cultivating that good habit which you always wanted to develop

Just start.. And the rest will follow… And it’s all always for the good!!!

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