Friday, February 4, 2011

Veggie Salads..

I love salads. I wonder how since most people I know actually detest salads. I guess I inherited it from my parents. And my sister kept it alive by constantly adding the right catalysts and fuel. And over a period of time, it evolved and became my very own – by experimentation, by imbibing those I saw and tasted during my travels in India and abroad.

Well, why do I love salads? I was mulling over this, and …
• Salads are primarily food in the raw and basic form. And I love anything in its most natural form. There’s an element of purity, of closeness to the core…
• Most good salads usually have a great blend of textures – from soft to hard. And in addition to the basic fruits and vegetables, you can always add a range of nuts which only enhance the taste and flavor
• Most good salads usually combine all basic flavors – from sweet to sour to salty…
• You can choose, You can be experimental. You can create based on your preferences – There are simply no constraints (apart from your mind)
• Effort to make a salad is so less, compared to any other cooking
• The range of colors is amazing – The range covers the depth and breadth of all primary and secondary colors. For e.g.: Among vegetables - Orange of carrots; Greens of palak, peas, lettuce, coriander, chilli; Red of beet root, White of radish, paneer; Yellows of cabbage, cucumber;…. And then among fruits again a wide range – Orange of orange, Red, green and white of apples, Green and black of grapes, Red of water melon.....

And so, a good salad is a feast for the eyes and taste buds..

A good salad is actually a work of art. And just like everyone cannot appreciate a good work of art, so it is with salads. Either you have an eye and tang for it, or you don’t.

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  1. I actually love salads:) Next time you here will treat you some interesting ones.