Sunday, February 20, 2011

Why do we repeat mistakes?

So many of us repeat the same mistakes - again and again and again. We burn our fingers, learn our lessons but still end up repeating these mistakes... Whether it is a school kid who makes the same spelling mistakes, the spouse who makes the same hurtful comments, the boss who thoughtlessly gives feedback in public, the friend who uses a secret (which you confided in strict confidence & probably never to be mentioned) against you, the sometimes unpleasant behaviors of ourselves and those around us, the unforgiveable lies....

I wonder why we repeat the same mistakes inspite of the past, the learning, the implications..
* Do we forget?
* Do we find it hard to change our basic nature? And hence react / respond in the way we are genetically programmed?
* Is it in our nature to repeat the mistakes?
* Do we sometimes get so lost in the moment that don't take a minute before we say / do something?

Whatever it is, it's really not worth repeating mistakes... You end up paying a price (Sometimes more than you can imagine) for every repeitition...

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