Wednesday, March 16, 2011

6 Months into Motherhood...

What changes when you have a baby?

* Your life
* Your thoughts
* Your priorities
* What you value
* Your view of yourself
* What you are attached to
* Your outlook of the world
* What you are detached from
* Your plans for the future, for life
* A renewed zest for all relationships
* You have a new identity - As N's mommy
* A new lens with which you look at your past
* Awareness that your most precious asset is Time
* Understanding of the significance of food & sleep
* What it means to be controlled; & to lose complete control
* How your world suddenly revolves around just one little being
* Better comprehension of the differences between man & woman
* Wonder and Amazement at how much you are really capable of
* Gratitude and a new found respect for your parents (& for that matter any parents!)
* How time simply zooms by & about how clueless you are of the world around you – from the tsunamis, to the scams, to the movies, to the seasons…………
* And last but not the least, Realization of what all you took for granted all through life!!!

In a nutshell, just about everything.

That’s why it’s probably said that you have a second life when you have a baby – You learn, grow and evolve along with your baby! And sometimes wonder if it’s really the same YOU!!!


  1. Suddenly people look at your baby when you walk around and just ignore you..Right?:-)

  2. So well said! And so aesthetically said. I love the increasing number of characters in each point creating the slope effect. It is a bit symbolic of the cascade of emotions and thoughts that a baby brings along with them..