Sunday, March 13, 2011

Aerobics and Nadia Comaneci..

The mention of aerobics brings forth an image.. One of Nadia Comenaci’s perfect ten. And I loved her in the first performance I ever saw her in; & in all her subsequent performances. She was so wonderful, innocent, pretty, graceful, agile, flexible, honest, true to her sport,… and picture perfect when she first won the Olympics gold. I still remember the act so vividly… And she made me fall in love with aerobics… I love to watch the performances – live, recorded, in serials, in movies… whatever..!!!

Here’s why:
* Its a visual treat
* Requires great agility and flexibility of body
* Demonstrates strength of mind - Vital for an act
* Focus and Concentration are supreme
* Demands relentless practice ; And only then are the results yielded
* There's a balance and harmony which is visible in an act ; And that's beautiful and unique to aerobics

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