Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Final Call

When the final call comes
It is but FINAL..

When the time is up, it is up...
There is no extra time
There are no extensions
There are no strings attached
There are no additional frills
There is really nothing

Its simply time to say Adieu
And move on
To the unknown land
To the new world
To unfamiliar territories

Or to the known land
To the old world
To familiar territories
To where we came from
To where we really belong...

Wonder why we like to believe in illusions
And live in  a bubble
When the reality is in front of us

Wonder why we like to believe in the permenance of life
When the reality is that life is temporary

Wonder why we need a jolt
To wake us up from slumber
And realize how much is gone
What really cannot be undone
And how much is really left
And what can be done

Wonder why we wait to live life
When we can really live life this very minute

Wonder why???

Life is short
And one never knows when the final call will come

So why wait for tomorrow?
Live life today...
Experience life today...
Enjoy life today...

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