Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy First Birthday to VERVE

In a random moment today I realized that its been a year since this blog was born!
So Happy First Birthday to VERVE....

Hmmm... Spent some time going through my old blogs.... And honestly, enjoyed reading them :)

What stands out in my memory...
* I enjoy writing - Writing comes naturally to me. Its a great outlet for thoughts and emotions. And if you enjoy doing something, you will find and make the time to do it (in spite of everything!!!)
* My blog is a live testimonial for the evolution of my literary skills, my thoughts, my emotions, my observations and my view of the world
* Some of the unanticipated outcomes of blogging:
   i) Re-connected with old friends - People whom I have not interacted with for eons. Its strange and surprising but true!
   ii) Several interesting propositions - Some which I had never imagined even in my dreams. All for the good!
   iii) Self Discovery - Learnt and realized several things about myself.. A lesson or two on yourself are always great!
* Starting a blog is the easiest. Keeping it alive, vibrant, interesting and worthwhile for both yourself and your readers is the challenge. Also, periodically updating the blog with the right topic(s) is both a skill and an art..

So Happy First Birthday to VERVE


  1. congrats! Happy Birthday. Wishing VERVE many more happy years to come:)filled with great posts from you.

  2. Wow 187 posts in 1 year- Quite awesome it is:-) Well hope you do write a lot this year too. But most importantly hope you continue to enjoy it the way you do!