Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Motherhood Reflections - The second trimester [Months 4,5 &6]

The second trimester of motherhood (Months 4, 5 & 6) are probably a wonderful time in the growth and development of a baby.

Simply because it is the time of several firsts
The first hugs
The first falls
The first rolls
The first kisses
The first smiles
The first laughs
The first routine
The first solid food
The first recognitions
The first crocodile tears
The first baby boos and coos
All these many firsts only bring lots of joy and happiness ….
And there is a novelty, specialty, uniqueness and charm in anything for the first time in life…

The baby accomplishes several milestones in this trimester:
Your baby recognizes you – And gives a smile of recognition and pure joy in your presence. That sometimes you wonder how your sheer physical presence can give unimaginable joy to another individual

Your baby responds to you – To your words, to your songs, to your movements, to your gimmicks, to your presence – in really sweet “baby” ways

Your baby exercises his / her discrimination to the fullest – After all, the mother totally deserves it!
The special hugs only for you
The special look is only for you
The special smile is only for you
The special kisses are only for you
The special Good Morning wishes are only for you
The special Good Night requests are only with you
The special laughs / throttles are only for you and with you

Your baby shows interest in toys – Finally, all those toys that you bought well in advance are finally of some use. However, greater interest is in the mobiles, laptops, remotes, MP3 players, cameras, iPads and other gadgets which are well out of reach. Again, the forbidden fruit is desired the most!!!

Your baby is on his / her way to discover the world – From people, to food, to places, to experiences, to sounds, to sights, to smells, to ….. just about everything!

The journey of life has really just begun!!!
And the wonder and amazement never cease…

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