Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Prof Thiru

Today, I learnt about Prof Thiru’s demise on 22 Mar 2011... Nostalgic about this marketing genius...

Prof Thiru (P.N.Thirunayana) as he was fondly called was one of the most respected  professors @ IIMB. Not only was he famous among the student community, but was also equally popular among the staff @ IIMB. In addition, he was highly regarded in the corporate world & also in institutes across the globe.

If I recall right, our last rendezvous was in 2004 when I was sauntering on the corridors of IIMB. Its been close to 7 years since we met.  However, there are some things about him which are so vivid in my mind... , Somethings he taught which I will always remember... , And some advice that he exclusively gave me which I will never forget...

Random Reflections:
•    I still recall the first time I saw him enter the class.. I never really thought he was a Marketing Professor until he took the podium and introduced himself!!!
•    Looks always belie. Looking at his small stature one can never imagine that he can be a dynamite in the class. Most of his classes are power packed sessions which will leave you with some learnings, some excitement, some surprises, some fun and some realities of the marketing world! I know that most of us looked forward to his sessions. And before you realize it, the class is over... 
•    His sense of wit and humor was a class apart ; Not one which all and sundry will be able to appreciate. But if you do get it then each session can be even more enjoyable
•    His communication style was unique – The tone, the pitch, the modulation, the examples, the words, the expression, the launguage...... Everything made it  so distinct. And if you’ve ever attended his sessions, you will be able to relate to this
•    A very learned, simple, humble, practical, down-to-earth and honest human being. Qualities which I believe are inherent in very few individuals, & mostly in the truly greats! Someone who was at times almost shy & silent about himself and his own achievements
•    All that I learnt in theory about the principles of Marketing are because of him (& Of course Kotler)

This post is dedicated to Prof Thiru... May his soul rest in peace...

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