Friday, March 18, 2011

Time for Everything

Over the recent past I have met some amazing people who seem to have time for everything in the world 
Time for themselves
Time for their family
Time for their friends
Time for their jobs
Time for their hobbies
Time for their passions
Time to learn and do new things
And most importantly, time to experience life

I’ve always wondered how they manage it… Especially in today’s time and age when most of us struggle to achieve a fine balance between all that we expect of ourselves and everything others expect of us…

A little observation and A little reflection later, here’s what I discovered about such individuals:

They have clarity
Clarity on their priorities
Clarity on what they want
Clarity on what they don’t want
Clarity on who / what they give their time to
Clarity on who / what they will keep away from
Clarity on what’s really important in the larger scheme of things

And this is the most distinguishing trait which sets them apart…

And I am not saying that they have 100% clarity on every life dimension. But at least 80% clarity on most life dimensions will suffice

They are super efficient
In doing things they like
And specially in doing things they don’t like !!! – Just to get it out of the way

All this efficiency only enables them to squeeze in a few extra things…

And how do they achieve this efficient state?
They think before they act
They work smart (& Sometimes hard also)
They value experience & only get better with repeated experience
They are always yearning to beat their own standards of efficiency

They sleep very little
By simple logic, it gives them more number of hours in which they are awake and hence they find the time to squeeze in just about everything [For e.g.: If most people on an average clock 8 hours of ‘sleep time’ / day, you end up with 16 hours of ‘awake time’. If on an average you clock 4 hours of ‘sleep time’ / day, you end up with 20 house of ‘awake time’]. And I am not saying that they sleep less occasionally (which many of us do sometimes for specific reasons], but on most days of the year. It’s probably not something which most human beings can sustain over a period of time. But some individuals are able to continuously maintain this pattern for a long period of time, which is truly amazing. And that's how they manage to find time for everything!!!

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