Monday, March 28, 2011

Tough Decisions

For every Tough Decision you make you grow up…Grow up way beyond your own imagination
Not just make a decision… But own them and take responsibility for them
And live to see the consequences of your decisions…

Decisions about family
Decisions about friends
Decisions about health
Decisions about money
Decisions in the hospital
Decisions in the board room
Decisions on hiring and firing
Decisions on whose side to take
Decisions at the operating table
Decisions on elections
Decisions on selections
Decisions on winners
Decisions on staying back
Decisions on moving ahead…

Making a tough decision is never easy…

And more so if you do not have all the data points, complete information and a holistic multi-dimensional view of the situation at hand… In the real world of constraints and asymmetric information, you tend to observe, assimilate and process wearing a lens of our own.. One which is filled with biases, legacies, judgments, influences….. So you can never be sure if you’re making the right decision.. And if it affects other’s lives.. then the decision is all the more tough

It requires courage, power of the mind and strength of character to make a tough decision

And while making a tough decision is one side of the coin, communicating the same is another side of the same coin. One filled with its own set of challenges..
When to communicate?
Where to communicate?
How to communicate?
Whom to communicate?
And more importantly whether you should even communicate or not?

And once the communication is over, then comes the toughest part…
To live the decision you made
To own it up for all its consequences
And witness whether it was right or wrong!!!

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