Thursday, March 24, 2011

Trying Moments

Trying Moments test us at multiple levels... And each such moment is a revelation, a truth, an experience that no one can take from you... Its yours forever... And many times affects your life forever.

We all react and respond differently to trying moments... Simply because we are all unique in our own right ; and our reactions and responses are directly linked to our core...

Sometimes all we need is to be left alone.. To figure things out on our own... To introspect.. To analyze.. To rationalize... To comprehend..To accept... To emote... To just be..

Sometimes all we need is human company around us. Of course it would be great to have loved ones around. But in the absence of it, any familiar known company is valued. And if even that does not exist , then any human being in flesh and blood will suffice. These are the bondages of the human race.

Sometimes all we need is emotional support. Someone to listen.. Someone to sympathize.. Someone to empathize... Someone to cry... Someone to laugh.... The physical proximity does not matter... But who listens does? Who says it does? How they say does? What they say does? And majority of us cannot express our deep emotions with too many people... They are reserved for a select few with whom we share an emotional bond.

Sometimes all we need is financial support. A temporary liquidity crunch can catch you unaware ; & then you need financial assistance to cross the hurdle. And sometimes your situation is such that you just can’t mobilize enough financial resources on your own ; & hence need financial aid for the long term.

Sometimes all we need is positive reinforcement of thoughts... Someone to tell us that this moment shall pass... This moment is temporary... The future is bright; abundant with hopes and promise... Again it does not really matter who says it and how they say it... As long as the message is genuine, it makes a difference

Sometimes all we need is strength to endure...
Sometimes all we need is hope...
Sometimes all we need is good wishes...
Sometimes all we need is prayers answered.. A divine intervention perhaps..
And sometimes what we really need is no recurrence of the trying moment....

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  1. Very true. Trying moments always showcase the best and the worst in people.