Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Small Town Life v/s The Big City Life

I recently had the opportunity to spend a few days in a small town in India… A good break from the monotony and drudgery of city life left me energized and revitalized.
My random notes below:

Quality of Air
Highly polluted and Impure
Clean and fresh
Cost of Living
High. E.g.: On an average weekly vegetables cost Rs. 1000
Remarkably Low. E.g.: On an average weekly vegetables cost Rs. 120
Technology Penetration
Low – Medium
Mode of Payment for any purchase
Primarily Cards – Credit cards, Debit cards [Electronic payments]….
Primarily Cash
General Happiness Quotient
Low… Most of the times, people are cribbing about a zillion things which they don’t have or which they desire
High… Most of the times, people appeared to be happy and content, inspite of not really having even 30% of the things which people in the metros have access to
How people live?
In the e-world [electronic world]. Everything is almost virtual apart from the basics of life
In the real world! And that makes an ocean of difference in one’s view of themselves and their life


  1. how to get the best of both worlds...?
    for ex, i work in an MNC bank in mumbai, travel by local train for 1 hr daily to reach office.. get exhausted by the time i reach home....
    may b starting a business of ur own in a small town in a small customer base a good idea to avoid the daily drudgery of a metro..

    1. Hi, I feel the same. I was working in one of the shop in small town. now i have resigned and shifted to city before 2 months but i feel that i should go back to small town i have knowledge of business and even having my own home and parents over there.