Sunday, April 10, 2011

Start Afresh or Clean The Mess????

Wonder what would be easier
To Start Afresh or Clean the Mess

* Be it the relationships in your life
* Be it the state of your finances
* Be it the data on your hard disk
* Be it the disorganized mails in your mailbox
* Be it the junk in your house
* Be it the baggage in your mind
* Be it the emotional turmoil
* Be it the shape of your body

There are definite positives and negatives to both...
And we can analyze and dissect them eternally..

All said and done
There is a unique thrill, charm and excitement in starting afresh
But some day it can get messy too

But when you clean the mess
There is a sense of achievement
There is a sense of continuity
There is a sense of completion
There is a sense of peace

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