Monday, April 4, 2011

Support a Cause

Many ways to Support a Cause
1) By creating awareness & educating others (Of course you got to first be aware & educated yourself)
2) By acting in favor of the cause (& its many manifestations)
3) By sharing your personal learning's / experiences - Both good and bad!
4) By providing financial assistance
5) By not objecting / unnecessarily interfering with those supporting a cause
6) By providing ideas / suggestions / inputs / recommendations for the cause / to support a cause
7) By assisting those who are supporting the cause (In whatever way you can; & In whatever way they need!) - This can simply translate into making day-today things easy for them so that they can focus their time, efforts and energies towards a larger cause...
8) By motivating those who believe in the cause - Especially when everything does not look bright and optimistic. Its these times when a little motivation can help in crossing the chasm
9) By just being there - Sometimes as a silent spectator, Sometimes as an observer, Sometimes as a friend, Sometimes as a philospher, Sometimes as a guide, Sometimes as a mentor, Sometimes are a confidant, Sometimes as a sounding board, Sometimes as a critic, Sometimes with an acknowledgement of efforts (irrespective of the fruits they bear), Sometimes with appreciation and praise, And Sometimes as just another human being....

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  1. I support the cause of blogging by constantly visiting:-d Keep writing else the cyber world feels empty!