Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Tribute to Woman

Over the last few days, I have interacted with several woman
All of different ages
All in different phases of life
All from different social standing
All from different nationalities
All shapes and sizes

And I learnt their life stories
Their joys
Their past
Their sorrow
Their histories
Their strengths
Their weaknesses
Their thoughts
Their journies of life

And here's what I realized
They endure - beyond what anyone can imagine
They sacrifice - what they love the most
They support - in ways one can never envisage
They love - completely
They care - from really deep down
They serve - unconditionally in many different ways
They understand - beyond what's said
They act - for the good of other's
They play so many roles beautifully - irrespective of how many roles they are currently playing
They multi task - brilliantly
They believe - so that other's continue to believe
They hope - even when other's have given up
They adapt - to make life easy for others
They dream - to keep going through the journey of life
They emote - to express all that's hidden deep down
They protect - to keep other's safe

This post is dedicated to all women..
In acknowledgement and appreciation....
For everything...

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