Sunday, May 1, 2011

Everyday I learn

My little daughter teaches / reminds me a new lesson everyday... And I observe and learn like an obedient student.. When it's my time to teach, I shall impart all my wisdom to her.. But for now, suffice to say that she's the one with all the wisdom...

Recent lessons she's taught me:
* Live in the Present - She always lives in the present moment. And from what I observe, she's happy all the time. She's completely engrossed and enjoying the specific activity that she is indulging in - Be it playing, crying, laughing or sleeping. She views the world for what it is and is not really out to judge anything. She only understands the language of innocence, purity and love. And responds to them in her sweet baby ways

* Have a Short Term Memory - Else one tend's to carry too much unnecassary baggage all through life. Its good to forget something's in life.. And move on as if they never happened.. It's always for the good!

* Express Yourself - Her true pure innocent expression of emotions - joy, wonder, happiness, sadness, anger, excitement, disinterest, recognication, .... All makes one realize how important expression is in our interactions with other humans. And while her vocabulary and language skills are limited, she still finds the means to communicate her point loud and clear. If you really want to express yourself, language or words can never be real limitations. You will find the tools to express yourself...

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  1. such an ardent fan of ur blogs, n i love the ones where u hav a personal experience to share as one can easily relate keep blogging