Sunday, May 1, 2011

The First Blood Test...

You can never really understand some thing's in life till you experience them.. Especially those of parenthood...

My baby was unwell and it resulted in several consultations and visits to doctor's, medical examinations, weight measurements, prescriptions... But none really helped her... Her symptoms continued to persist..

And then her paediatrician recommended a blood test... Blood tests to adults are a standard process - You get the prescription, You pay the bill, You wait for your turn in front of the lab, And when its your turn you are endured to the ordeal of the blood sample...

But with your baby of a few months old, it's different...Holding her in my arms and watching the lab technician trying to locate a vein (And they are hard to find!) was unnerving. But when they inserted the needle into her soft delicate little hand and squeezed out the blood to the sound of her shrill cries…Now that’s a feeling I can’t explain and you only have to experience!
There are so many mixed thoughts abuzz in your mind and emotions fluttering in your heart – of pain to see a loved one in pain, of sadness to hear her cry, a mental check that it’s all for her benefit to help diagnose the cause of the problem, guilt for what you did wrong to put her in this situation, ….
And then once the ordeal was over. All it required was a warm hug and a heartfelt kiss to wipe the tears and bring a smile back on her face. Like as if nothing ever happened
She will probably not remember it in the years to come
But it’s something I will never forget
Babies are much stronger than we can ever imagine
Babies are much enduring than we can ever imagine
Babies forget much to our imagination
Babies change your life way beyond imagination

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