Friday, July 22, 2011

Choices shape your life…

There are some moments in life when you can’t help but look critically at yourself & your life at the present moment and wonder how you got here…

The answer lies in the choices you made in life…

Often, when we make life choices we cannot foresee in entirety how it will impact our life. As we sail through life, we live and experience the choices we made.. And only when we pause, reflect and join the dots of the past do we comprehend the total import of these choices. Some of the choices were made for us by others. Nevertheless, they do affect in lives. While every choice does not have a noteworthy impact, there are a few choices which change our life.

Following life choices are the life changing ones:
• The school your parents chose
• The college you / your parents chose
• The friends you chose to make; & how you chose to maintain these bonds with time
• The closeness / distances you chose to maintain with family
• The career you chose
• The organization you chose to work on
• The place you chose to live in
• The choices you made about your life priorities
• The choice of your life partner
• The choice of children & how you decide to raise them
• The choice of what you must do every day
• The choice of how you value time – both yours and others
• And lastly, the choice of not to choose
Choose the above wisely. More importantly, there is no right or wrong. It is a personal choice…

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