Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Emotions.... Expressions

Emotions... We all experience different kinds of emotions in the journey of life.. What triggers them varies for each of us.. But we all go through moments of happiness, sadness, joy, grief, anger, worry, fear, surprise, love, hatred.......

There are some life events which makes one experience the peaks of human emotions.. One feels in way beyond imagination... beyond comprehension.. and beyond one's boundaries....

While experiencing emotions is universal, how an individual chooses to express these emotions varies a great deal.. There are some who display their emotions in public (and sometimes with a little overdose), there are some who exhibit their true emotions to a close inner network, then there are those who don't really express their feelings to anyone..(This many times is mistaken for lack of emotions)

What I've realized is:
* Expression of emotions is important in the long run.. One needs to cry and laugh to be able to maintain a sense of balance in life
* Expression can be in many forms. Some people cry, some people scream, some people spend time by themselves, some people push themselves, some people avoid thinking and keep themselves so busy, some people listen to music, some people indulge, some people pursue some form of physical activity, some people play a musical instrument, some people talk, some people shop, some people write, some people read.....Once you find your channel for expression, do express yourself...
* It is important to respect and accept emotions and expressions - both of self and others
* If you don't know how to react or respond to an outburst of emotions, a silent acknowledgment suffices.. Sometimes all one needs is an outlet for emotions in the presence of another being

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