Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Fade Away Into Wilderness

Over the past, I have been witness to several brilliant, super intelligent, creative and exceptionally talented individuals fade away into wilderness. At one point of time, I wondered how truly gifted they were and how the gifts endowed on them would change their lives. Somewhere along the way, it appears that everything changed. Today, many of them have faded away into wilderness … And surprisingly some to the extent that they themselves have forgotten what they were capable of.. And that’s really sad and unfortunate. But nevertheless, the reality.

I ask some… I speculate a little… I reflect a lot..

Pressure – There is something about pressure which makes one choose things that they would not usually choose for themselves. Key pressure points in one’s life include family advice and mandates, acceptance of friends, living up to the expectations of self and others, norms of culture, continuous judgments and critique, compliance with age-old traditions and approval of society at large. Many times, one pursues a direction which is not aligned to one’s thoughts and heart simply due to pressures. While everything looks fine at the surface, scratch a little deep and one will realize that in the long term this results to a lot of internal dissatisfaction.

Priorities – One’s priorities of life sometimes change everything. Your thoughts, your perspectives, your expectations of yourself and most importantly how you apportion your time. Sometimes, this means having to fore go things, sacrifice things and put others ahead of you. And the result is many times an inability to nurture your own gifts to enable them to bloom to their full potential.

Responsibilities – There is something about responsibilities which sometimes burden individuals. And many times completing one’s key responsibilities takes a lifetime, sometimes it drains one of energy and occasionally compels one to take decisions that are in the interest of the larger good. And all these somewhere contribute to fading away of one’s own talents and gifts.

Immediate Living Environment – The influence of your immediate living environment is phenomenal. Many times, one does not really acknowledge how the place you live in and the immediate surroundings influence your life, thoughts, energy, lifestyle, view of yourself and the world. Many creative people always insist that there is something about a specific place / environment / location which bring out the best of one’s creative energies. And if you live in an environment which fosters one to unleash their true inner potential, then result is visible for all to see. These are true environment catalysts. On the other hand, some environments slay one’s spirit and this is a key deterrent to progress, success and growth

Self Will & Determination – While the above parameters are external and beyond one’s immediate locus of control, the key differentiating personal trait is one’s own self will and determination. How strong can one be in-spite of the existing pressures, in-spite of the numerous changing priorities, in-spite of the many responsibilities and in-spite of the living environment. And in the long run, this will determine whether one will thrive amidst the wilderness or fade away into wilderness ..

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