Friday, July 29, 2011

A New Yearly Hobby to Pursue…

It’s extremely important to pursue new hobbies in life… And while we all have our favorite hobbies which stay with us for a lifetime, trying a new yearly hobby is definitely worthwhile.. Simply because you get to learn something new, you get to see the world from a different perspective, you get to connect with new people, you get an opportunity to re-discover yourself & most importantly it contributes towards your personal growth…

And why do I say yearly? Because we all have many things to do as a part of our daily life – work commitments, family responsibilities, expectations from friends, financial obligations, etc. etc. Hence, time becomes a scarce commodity… One month is usually too less a time duration to even get the hang of doing anything new. You’ll probably need a quarter to figure out how to do things with some level of confidence and competence. And then spend the rest of the year in improvizations and actual enjoyment

And why do I insist on one hobby? Because you can’t do justice if you try to pursue many new things simultaneously. And then over a period of time, you can focus your energies to achieve some level of mastery. Say between the age of 30 and 40, you seriously pursue one new hobby every year; you would have learnt 10 new things by 40. And that’s a good number of things to try out in life.

And what sort of hobbies are we talking about? Well all sorts of hobbies like
• Photography. For e.g.: Try a photograph a day for 1 year so at the end of a year, you have a great collection.  Or take a photo at the same place on the same day every year – say 1st Jan. There’s a great coffee joint which displays photos of a specific location over the last 40 years and the pictures are a living testimonial to how the place has changed
• Travel. For e.g.: Exploring places in your neighborhood, in your city, in your country or abroad. Travelling to places of personal interest turn out to be enjoyable
• Reading. For e.g.: A book a month
• Trekking
• Running
• Cycling
• Learning a new musical instrument
• Learning a new dance form
• Collecting stuff of interest from wine glasses, to jewelry, to crystals, to coffee mugs, to erasers, to pens, to pencils, to antiques, to footwear, to watches, to perfumes, to music, to purse / wallets, etc
• Cooking. For e.g.: Trying out new recipes / alternate cuisines
• Designing – clothes, jewelry, bindis
• Watching movies / videos / documentaries
• Sketching
• Teaching
• Learning alternate healing techniques. For e.g.: Reiki
• Understanding any specific topic in depth. For e.g.: Genetics, Crystal Healing, etc.
• Gardening
• Writing
• Blogging
• Painting

And most importantly.. Take some time regularly to indulge in your new hobby. And learn and enjoy along the way…

2011 has been about writing and blogging.. And while I figure out what 2012 should be about.. Wear your thinking hat and figure out what you should do in the rest of 2011 & in 2012…

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