Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Past Associations...

As we go through life, we all make associations with many different people along the way. When we form these associations, we don’t really think about how they will grow, evolve, turn out in the future and shape our lives…

We simply form a bond… a connection… Mostly due to instant fondness, an unexplained attraction, similar thoughts, shared values, related interests, admirable traits, plain familiarity and sometimes just compulsion…

And many times, these associations take many different courses with time.. To some we may not say a word for years, some we many not meet for years, some we may have forgotten, some we may have ignored, some we may have distanced, some we may have hurt….

Irrespective of the beginnings, past associations close to your heart DO cross your path sometime later in life in some way or the other. And when you cross paths, you can’t help but get nostalgic.. Go down memory lane and re-live the old moments shared together.. The mindless banters, rush of emotions, the mind games, silly laughs, arguments, special moments, outings together, cheap thrills, many firsts, fun moments, exciting times, new experiences, many experiments… And suddenly the association takes a whole new meaning…  And we view the past associations with our lens of today, value the people for how they touched and affected our lives, cherish the time spent together & almost wish that we could go back in time.. Just for those good old times….

Thank You M for everything


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  2. Nostalgia is a good thing once in a while. Reading your post, I was reminded of a friend who actually changed the course of my life in a way that I ended up seeing the world, unlearnt to count and would always stop at 3 and realized that God lives in 'Tirupathi' afterall!:-) Thanks for bringing those memories back.