Sunday, July 24, 2011


Raithas are great to cook... Simply because they require very little effort to make, taste delicious, are healthy in nutritive content & most importantly, you can be creative when you dish them up.

Raithas can be made with any of the following & how you chop the ingredients them makes an ocean of difference in their taste and appearance
Beetroot – Grated [The pink is a visual treat!!!]
Carrot - Grated
Apple – Grated / Diced into small pieces
Onion – Grated / Diced into small pieces
Cucumber – Grated / Diced into small pieces
Onion &Tomato – Grated
Onion, Cucumber & Tomato –Diced into small pieces
Pineapple - Diced into small pieces
Green Grapes – Diced
Grated and parboiled lawki / bottle gourd
Grated and parboiled pumpkin
Mixed Fruits - Diced into small pieces [Apple, Mango, Grapes, Pomogranate]
Boiled potato - Diced into small pieces
Capsicum [Green / Red / Yellow] - Diced into small pieces
Grated coconut
Combination raitha with any of the above ingredients based on your personal preference and creativity

Following can be added as additional top-ups for flavor
Roasted jeera powder
Dried pudina powder
Sugar / Brown sugar
Chopped green chillies
Finely chopped ginger / Grated ginger
Nuts like grated almonds, cashew, etc.
Chopped corriander
Curry leaves
Red Chilli flakes
Seasoning of mustard, red chillies and curry leaves
Fresh mint / pudina
The top-ups need to complement to main fruit / vegetables in color, taste & flavor to get the best result.

And they can be had as a snack, with rice or roti. Truly enjoyable!!!

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