Monday, July 18, 2011

Some people touch our lives…

Some people touch our lives in ways you can never fully comprehend… never really rationalize… and never thank enough… I wonder why sometimes help comes to us when we need it the most… from completely unexpected quarters… and in ways which mean the most [sometimes beyond what we ever imagined]

Is it plain human bonds?
Is it a deep emotional connect?
Is it a random act of kindness?
Is it the ways of the cosmos?
Is it past karma?

You wonder
* Who sent them? 
* Why did they do what they did? 
* How can you express your gratitude and say Thank You? [& words sometimes do no justice to the underlying emotions]
* Can you do something to touch their lives in anyway ?
* Or can you touch the life of someone else to keep the chain of good karma flowing?

Thank you Dr R, S, C - for everything that you did!!!

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