Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Swinging in the Park

I was at a children’s park and one of the favorite activities for many kids was to swing. I wondered why there was so much demand for a simple innocent swing. A little jog down memory lane, and I realized that as a child I used to love swinging myself. It is a euphoric moment to be in the air. One of the kids said that it’s the closest she has come to flying. And I realized that it’s true. You are in the air… Even if it is for a few seconds… And there is something about being in the air which is synonymous with liberation…freedom… and true joy… It is exhilarating…

As I continued to observe the behavior of the kids, a few patterns became evident. Broadly, the kid’s attitudes and approaches were as described below:

1) I will fall down – Kid’s who were afraid to even try, were afraid to even step on the swing and even when they did, they barely enjoyed swinging simply because of fear

2) I can’t do it – Kid’s who started off negatively. And how much ever they tried; they just never got it right. Either too slow, or they lost their balance, or they swayed criss-cross

3) I need help – The kid’s who wanted someone to make them sit on the swing and someone to push and someone to watch and someone to applaud. And even though many of them were capable of swinging themselves, they still wanted help

4) I just want to swing- The kid’s who just wanted to swing. They did not worry too much about how they were swinging. As long as they got an opportunity to swing, they were happy. They probably did not reach great heights, nor did they acquire great speed

5) I’ll swing perfectly – There was something about a few kid’s which made them swing perfectly. It was an absolute treat to simply watch them. They used almost minimal energy to reach great heights [in contrast to some kids who huffed and puffed to get a few oscillations], grace in the movement of their legs, absolute oneness with the act of swinging and total joy written all over their face. And among these perfect one’s there were two types:
          a. To whom it came naturally – It was as if they just knew what they had to do to swing perfectly
          b. Those who learnt and became perfect – There were some kids who observed others, asked around, spent some time to understand and then tried to swing. They probably did not get it right the first time. Nevertheless, after a few tries they achieved perfection.

A little reflection later, and it was evident that these were the typical attitudes and approaches of adult behavior for anything in life.
Some of us are afraid to even try
Some of us are negative from beginning to the end
Some of us need help for everything
Some of us just want to do what we want to do
And very few of us continuously aim and strive for perfection..

So, what is your attitude and approach in life???

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