Monday, July 18, 2011

To finally RUN…

Running is spiritual… There is an ethereal quality about running which one can only experience… And if you love running you will understand this…

Someone asked me why I love running so much… Hmm.. Well
· You can run anywhere, anytime & anyhow (provided you don't care about who's watching you) – No special equipment required, No membership required, No special gears required
· It’s a great work-out for your body. Running stimulates, activates and exercises most muscles in the body
· It gives you some time for yourself. And in today’s era, some ME time on a regular basis goes a long way in overall well being
· It releases endorphins [the feel good hormones]. They make you happy. So it does have an emotional up-side as well

So when I could not run for almost 15 months of my life… I sure did miss it! And then when I tried to run again, I could not… So I had to start from scratch…  And build stamina day by day… All over again…
But when I finally could RUN, it was exhilarating!!!

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