Sunday, July 24, 2011

To keep at Blogging..

Starting a blog is easy.. But to keep at blogging over a period of time is a challenge for many.. To keep at blogging over a period of time, one needs:

New Life Experiences – New Life experiences gives one new thought’s, new learning’s, new insights, new discoveries, new perspectives, new realizations… And this is what provides the fodder for blogging. And the day one stops having new life experiences, there is a stagnation, growth is stunted, progress inhibited. But if you ensure that you continue to have new and different life experiences periodically, one will have something to blog about…

Passion For Writing – Most of us have life experiences, unique thoughts and great comprehension & interpretation of things. However, rarely does all this translate to a blog. One of the key reasons is that many are not passionate about writing. Like everything else in life, passion is one of the key ingredients to start and continue blogging…

Creativity – Writing is a creative process [Refer]. And blogging is about writing creatively and thinking creatively. So creativity is vital to keep at blogging..

Self Discipline – You need to be disciplined to write. Simply because most of us find 24 hours a day less to do all that we want to do, all that we should do. Hence, one needs to make time to blog. And for this, you need to be self-disciplined - to take those few minutes periodically to blog. What’s most important is to capture the thought, to pen it down and give it form. And then one can choose to publish a blog at any point in time.

Self Motivation - Blogging is an activity which is exclusive, private, and personal. It isolates one for the time that you are blogging. It takes time to create a blog that is personally satisfying. And usually there is no instant appreciation, rewards or recognitions. Hence, it needs self motivation to keep at blogging….

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