Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What do you do every day?

There are some things which we mandatorily do every day, i.e, come what may WE DO THEM.
For e.g.: Some follow the news every day, Some pray every day, Some write every day, Some meditate every day, Some exercise every day, Some tweet every day, Some check e-mails every day, Some log in to FaceBook every day, Some listen to music every day, Some paint every day, Some read every day, Some talk to their loved one every day, Some laugh every day, Some watch the TV every day, Some eat healthy every day, Some track the stocks every day, Some dress up every day, Some reflect every day...

Some of these are a habit [which we acquired on our own or were forced to acquire]
Some of these are due to personal choice
Some of these are due to compulsion [our own or others]

And what you do every day is a reflection of
What is important to you in life..
What is a priority for you in life..
What you value in life..

And many times we don’t realize but what you do every day
Shape your thoughts, and
Shape your day, and
Shape your life..

Pause and Reflect
What do you do every day?
What do you want to do every day?
What should you do every day?


  1. Nice to see a post from you after a long time baby!! i totally agree...there are some things i want to do everyday and not doing them gives me a feeling that my day is not over!! And following a routine on some of these things also gives me a sense of comfort that ALL is WELL.

  2. Excellent Post Nischala!

    This could be the preface for "Seven Habits of Highly Effective people"! Good one!!!

  3. I think unfortunately a lot we do everyday is influenced by what we HAVE TO do. For instance, work, food, exercise, news, sleep, commute - all these are things which are integral to survival as who we are. What's more interesting is what we want to do everyday or what we find time for by making effort - for instance dance, catching up with friends, music, hobbies, travel ......
    Alas, more often than these are things we want to do everyday but end up doing only occasionaly since what we HAVE TO do takes precedence over what we WANT TO do most of the time