Wednesday, July 13, 2011

What's the legacy you'll leave behind?

Some life events make one ponder about "What's the legacy you'll leave behind?"

Of course, the initial thought for most people in response to this question will naturally revolve around financial assets... And yes! That's important.. However, we are all endowed with several other assets in life.. And many times don't even acknowledge them as assets or something we want to hand down to future generations...

Here's a list of things which should / could be included in one's legacy.. Of course, the medium and whom one chooses to handover these to is a personal choice.. Nevertheless, it is worthwhile to plan and invest time and effort to leave them behind...
* Knowledge
* Life Lessons
* Valuable personal belongings
* Family traditions. For e.g.: Celebration of festivals
* Special recipes
* Self-taught / Acquired skills
* Self-Discipline
* How to Learn?
* How to live Life and Be Happy? [provided you did it!!!]


  1. Good one Nischala.
    Brings to mind the saying from Robin Sharma: Who will cry when you die!

  2. Good topic Nischala.. Made me ponder what would i want to leave behind.. The answer I got was

    1. How to live Life and Be Happy
    2. Anything that would define "Me" - that would encompass all the points you mentioned and maybe some more..

  3. :-), I would repharse the question to "what would you be remembered for?".. Nice blog...