Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who are you?

Who are you? .....
What really defines an individual?
What forms an individual's core identity?

Is it your name?
Is it your fame?
Is it your deeds?
Is it your power?
Is it your energy?
Is it what you say?
Is it what you don't say?
Is it your life experiences?
Is it the body and the physical form?
Is it the incessant thoughts buzzing in your mind?
Is it the range of emotions one feels with each passing minute?
Is it .........................

Is it all of the above? OR
Is it none of the above?


  1. its really to read your blogs. I just stumbled upon it but ever since am hooked. very well said. Can you please point to more blogs written on similar lines?

  2. Welcome back my friend to the world of writing! Who am I? Just another avid reader of your blog!